• Denis Finnegan

    Posted on January 14th, 2014

    Written by Denis Finnegan


    Denis Finnegan at Tesco Health and Wellbeing

    IT Manager

    Tesco Ireland Public Company; 10,001+ employees; TSCDY; Retail industry

    April 2010Present (4 years 10 months) Clarehall, Dublin 17

    As IT Manager at Tesco Diets, I am a member a team of three people (temporarily 2), tasked with running the Tesco Diets business for Tesco Ireland Limited. This means working with the business on fiscal management and charting the future path for the business while working within direction the larger Tesco PLC organisation.

    As IT Manager at Tesco Health and Wellbeing, I lead 5 technology teams or a total of 16 IT personnel, including a Server Side Development Team of 5, a Graphic & Web Design Team of 4 (Front End Development which includes our App Development Team), 2 System Testers, 2 on the Networks Team, 2 on the Data & Nutrition Team and a Product Owner as part of Agile and finally, I work with the larger business to support innovation and new development as well as the improvement of existing business and technology.

    Technology is a key driver for Tesco Diets and I am responsible for the Information Technology solutions and services delivered for the business. So while I work to ensure that we have secure, stable, performing and salable IT Infrastructure on which to Grow the business, I also look to the future to guide the business towards delivering innovation to the business and better, simpler and more cost effective solutions for our customers through effective use of skilled staff and new and old technology.

    I am also the main Project Manager for the business delivering its largest projects over the last four years from our Data Centre Migration to the Launch of our new Free Service TescoHealthyChoices.com as well as Android & iOS mobile apps and have been involved in everything from Marketing & Analytics, to leading on Web Scraping and Creating our Innovation Programme.

    We run as a small independent unit within Tesco and as such, my role can be diverse and flexible as the need arises, I joined Tesco Diets as it was then to make a difference and I am now privileged to be able to claim I have reached that goal today as IT Manager at Tesco Health and Wellbeing, Tesco Ireland.


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