• Denis Finnegan

    Posted on January 20th, 2014

    Written by Denis Finnegan


    Kenmare Co. Kerry, Ireland


    Well I’m from Co. Kerry, Kenmare to be exact but don’t hold that against me and I’ve been living in Dublin since around 2002 with my wife Marguerite in the north of the county. I come from a family coach and cab business so I know what hard work and entrepreneurship mean. I still help the old man out with his accounting, his website and such but I suppose, anyone who works in IT ends up becoming their families tech support right!


    I love to work with people and technology and I always try to put the best of me into the work I do. My goal is to continue to grow my knowledge & experience in all aspects of my career and to embrace new opportunities and challenges that allow me to better myself, and the company I work for.

    Denis Finnegan

    Denis Finnegan


    I have a vast depth of experience with IT generally and from within the Tesco business, as I have consistently stepped in to work with and support other areas of the business as needed. From supporting our marketing team on a nine month Conversion project to fiscal & people management for the larger business, strategic planning & forecasting, to facilities & procurement management. This broad spectrum and understanding of business in general but outside of the scope of Information Systems, is the real asset I bring to Tesco along with my knowledge of information technology.


    My advancement within Tesco from Network Manager to IT Manager and then to sitting on the business Strategy Team are a reflection of the tireless commitment and dedication I show to the company I work for and for the teams I manage. I consistently deliver on key business projects, cutting costs, driving innovation and growing the business in the process. I have an excellent track record and am enjoying the opportunity of continuing to bring my IT experience to bear on growth of the Health & Wellbeing business for Tesco.


    They key element for me is that I love technology and with excellent people and business skills, I believe I am a potent addition to any business team. With my experience, in infrastructure as well as the online e-commerce model and my understanding of what a business and the customer require; I deliver to the business and customers needs, where others get lost in technical excellence and as a result, I align technology to the core business goals which I believe is a synergy not always found between IT and the business it supports.


    I’m a squash fanatic, I play a guitar, chess and I’m heavily involved in my local Residents Association but mostly, I just absolutely love to play with technology, you can check out some of my exploits on my personal blog and follow my interests on twitter/finmix


    if you are interested in buying the domain, drop me an email at

    d e n i s f i n n e g a n @ g m a i l . c o m

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