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    Posted on March 13th, 2014

    Written by Denis Finnegan


    Samantha Wakes Up

    Having just last month attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last month and as part of the innovation effort, I undertook a little futurist activity and tried to look forward to the year 2030 and to hazzard a guess at what life might be like for a future Tesco Health and Wellbeing customer. I then presented this at our annual company meeting as part of energising and exciting the team about the future that might lie in store for them. This is that story and is based on our primary customer profile Samantha.

    Day in the life of a Tesco Health and Wellbeing customer in the year 2030

    Samantha Wakes UpSamantha wakes feeling refreshed after a great night’s sleep. She feels great because her Mattress IOT Sensor has waited until she finished her last cycle of REM sleep and then woke her up. She heads to the bathroom to check her emails and brush her teeth. On the bathroom mirror is a thin translucent film that acts as a display which Samantha calls up through voice activation, while she brushes her teeth. Sam’s PAIA (that’s Personal Automated Intelligence Assistant) assistant is called Watson (who lives in the cloud), she asks for the important notifications of the day. Watson explains that she has her dentist check-up today and reminds her that the dentist has been informed by her Dental Insurer that she has not been following her prescribed daily dental plan and she is going to lose her dental discount automatically if her brushing behaviour doesn’t change.

    You see Sam’s tooth brush is connected to her Tesco Health & Wellbeing – Lifeline Account and relays data back to Tesco Dental Insurance and so when Sam follows her daily dental plan, which is brushing twice daily in the routine outlined by THaW, she gets up to a 50% discount on her plan, but Sam has been brushing only once per day and not bushing correctly, She has already lost 10% of her discount and is annoyed for having agreed to it in the first place. Because Watson, through facial recognition, see’s that Sam’s unhappiness, he advises that he can push back her dental appointment to next week if she would like? Sam agrees and Watson sends an appropriate email to Sam’s Dentist.

    Samantha Weighs-In Watson goes through some other notifications and emails, one of which is a business event this evening which many of Sam’s competitors are going to and Watson thought it worth letting her know, same asks Watson to book her in if attendance is free, Watson explains that there is a cost but he has found a free coupon that gives her a 50% discount so the cost is only €200 (Don’t worry due to inflation that is equivalent to about €50 in today’s money). Watson brings up the payment page on screen and Sam enters her PayPal code and confirms and asks Watson to send the event information to her car. Next Watson, lets Sam know that her THaW Group have contacted her about a support meeting tonight, up pops a SnapChat video message from her friend Jane, and Sam records a message and send it back. Finally, Sam gets a notification from THaW that it’s time for her weekly weigh-in, same stands on her wireless scales and the scales automatically recognises Sam from her unique heart rhythm and logs her weight to her THaW account. THaW sends back a notification which is displayed on the bathroom mirror. The THaW message explaining that she has put on 2 pounds this week and explains why this has happened, that she consumed too many calories from high process sugary foods and that it has identified some healthy replacement suggestions, which based on Sam’s diet history and what similar members chose, she might like. Sam takes a quick scan through the list and asks Watson to add two of them to her Tesco.com basket which she intends to pick up later in the day.

    Samantha Connects

    Sam puts on her Smart Watch, EarSet and Glasses and heads downstairs for Breakfast, the most important meal of the day. As Sam listens to the days news through her EarSet, she removes milk from the fridge and some cereal from the cupboard and placed them on the kitchen table. Sam announces “Watson Track Breakfast” and Watson activates a sensor on Sam’s glasses which analyses the bowl of food.

    Samantha Has BreakfastThe Spectrometer Sensor is able to identify the ingredients and nutrition info from the food and to match their profile to Kelloggs Crunchy Nut and Generic Semi-Skimmed Milk once this is done; it then adds this food to Sam’s food diary on Tesco Health and Wellbeing as breakfast. Sam then makes a coffee and states, “Watson, Track Favourite, Coffee” which Sam has pre-programmed for ease of tracking again this goes on to her diary.

    Samantha Drives to WorkTime to hit the road and Sam grabs her Smart Phone and heads for the car. Once Sam’s smart watch on her arm nears the car, the car unlocks and on voice command, Sam starts the car. Once Sam is in the car, her watch talks to the car and deactivates her activity tracking while driving to avoid false positives. Sam heads for the road towards the motor way; to start her commute and while the car automatically maintains its distance from the car in front, it’s not until the motor way that Sam can switch on Auto drive as the back roads don’t have the streetlight slash guidance sensors to achieve this. So unfortunately, the business event information for tonight, that Sam was listening to, reminded her of the fact that Tim an ex colleague, will be one of the people attending the event. Sam had a crush on Tim and for the split second while she thought about him, her mind wandered and she drifted too close to the curb and the tire blew out as it hit the side of the road, spinning the car but thankfully coming to a safe stop. Immediately, the car checks Sam’s vitals through her smart watch which shows although Sam’s heart rate, stress hormones and perspiration is elevated, she is moving and shows conscious brain wave patterns.  The car registers that the airbags have not deployed, just that the car has a blown tire. As a result, instead of calling the emergency services automatically, the car’s Motor AIA automatically notifies the nearest AA Unit and relays to Sam; the situation with the car but lets her know that that an AA Unit is already on the way and will be on site in 11 minutes and estimates a new time for arrival at work which it relays to Sam’s boss.

    Samantha at WorkAfter a good Hour Sam arrives at work and begins her day, apologising to her boss for being late. She heads to her work bench which like the mirror allows Sam to use the entire work space to interact with the Offices Cloud based network. Sam loves the fact that she has the latest version of Work Bench that allows her to use gestures to interact with her desktop and also eye tracking to bring windows and files to the fore as she works but just as she settles in Jason, headed towards the canteen, makes a jibe that her desktop gets messier every day to which she retorts that a tidy desk is the sign of an idle mind. Sam knows from previous encounters that Jason fancies her or so her Glasses told her since the first time she ran the Fancy Time App on him and it told her that from his dilated pupils, body language and facial expression, that there was a 73% chance that Jason fancied her. At the same time, Sam’s Smart Watch senses elevated blood flow and pleasure related hormones (dopamine), while her EarSet registers a spike in an area of the brain associated with pleasure. As a result, Sam’s Glasses snap a photo of what she has been looking at and tracks this event as “Mood Changer” on her daily wellbeing diary on Tesco Health and Wellbeing and earns Sam some health points. This doubles the bonus for Sam who had been in a foul mood previously.

    Sam works through the morning but takes a break to get up and move around when her she has been inactive for longer than 40 minutes as reminded by her smart watch and earns some more Health Points on THaW. Once lunch time arrives, Sam heads to the Tesco to grab something to eat, on arrival, She receives a notification from Tesco Health and Wellbeing to let her know that she could have burned 150 calories by walking to the shop instead of driving and could have rewarded her with half a Twix which is on her favourites list. Sam sets a new daily goal of “walk to the shop” and vows tomorrow to do better. She figures perhaps she can get some exercise by doing some shopping and asks “Watson, Identify Shopping”, as the fridge and food press at home are both fitted with barcode scanners they connect to Sam’s THaW account and are able to track what food is in and check its shelf life against Sam’s regular items. From this Watson gives Sam a list of items she may need to purchase, includes her healthy snacks from this morning as well as regular items that are on offer and Sam’s Health Points that can be converted to Clubcard Points. Sams’ glasses then organise the list into a closest to furthest SatNav style Trail around the shop efficiently although avoiding the confectionary isles as request by Sam when entering her shopping settings on THaW.Samantha goes Shopping

    After this Sam heads to the Tesco F&F Show room and picks out a pair of comfortable shoes, jeans and top for tonight’s meeting, as she decides on an item, she swipes the item with her phone to add to her basket and once she has finished browsing the show room store she sends her basket to checkout and pays for it, all on her phone but rather than pick them up before leaving the store or having them delivered to home, she decides to use Click and Collect on her way home as it’s hard to get a delivery slot right after work. As Sam is leaving the store, she gets a reminder on her watch that she has her annual review meeting at 2pm and as it takes 5 minutes to return to work, she needs to leave now to make her meeting. With that Sam breaks into a sprint and has to stop to laugh when her watch registers a “work out” in progress due to Sam’s elevated activity!

    Samantha works outSo after a positive review and a productive afternoon, Sam checks her activity stats for the day and besides her sprint at lunchtime, she hasn’t yet hit her activity targets for the day and still has calories to burn so she decides to head for the Gym on the way home. She enters the Gym and asks “Watson, open THaW work out plan” at which point Watson accesses Sams THaW account and todays fitness plan which runs through a series of cardio and strength exercises for Sam where she has specifically request to work on her lower body and Abs. Sam removes her glasses and gets changed for her work out. As Sam trains, her Smart Watch tracks all her activity and her bodies vitals as THaW communicates with Sam through her EarSet to tell her when she has hit milestones and to motivate her with encouragement and favourite tunes. As Sam trains and hits training goals, she actually gets real time congratulations from other members in her THaW group read out to her which only motivates her to push further. Sam finishes up her work out and heads home.

    Maybe I’ll finish this and give you a Samantha evening at home but for now, The End.

    So after all this, what do I think the world Samantha will live in is?

    • A world where everything is connected from You to M2M.
    • Big Data automates and predict our needs and future events.
    • Technology helps us to proactively and retroactively improve our health.
    • Where efficiency and insight drives a greener future for us and our children.

    Samantha Summary

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